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starting without investment!

Safarilodent and Vodatent are together the total supplier for safari tents. Vodatent collaborates with campsites on bookings and Safarilodgetent provides fully equipped safari tents. Because of our way of working you can start with safari tents immediately without investment, Vodatent also ensures honest and transparent way of rental.


Whoever places the booking receives the commission. This is the vision of Vodatent and also the basis of our success formula. An honest and transparent way of working together!

By using Vodatent’s platform, you choose the tent, the method of working and have the highest efficiency.

Plug In

With package Plug In, 20% commission is retained on rental sales when Vodatent places and settles the booking through its own websites and affiliated tour operators.


If you choose package touroperator then Vodatent only settles bookings that come in through Vodatent. On these bookings, Vodatent charges a 20% commission fee.

Administration costs

In addition to the commission fee, Vodatent charges a €25 administrative fee per booking. At Plug In, these are over bookings from both Vodatent and camping. At Tour Operator about the Vodatent realized bookings


Installing a safari tent involves high costs. This hinders a lot of campsites from installing safari tents.

Safari and Vodatent offers campsites the opportunity to offset such costs against booking revenue. With Plug In, even all costs such as rent, set-up and transportation are accounted for.

Place rental-ready safari tents immediately without a high investment?

With Safarilodgetent and Vodatent, you can!

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Personal or business?

Sorry, we only provide service business-to-business. If you are looking for a tent for personal use, please go to your local outdoor store.

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