The right tent!

We keep our tent range clear.
With a few simple steps you develop the most fitting tent for your recreational enterprise.

Safarilodgetent offers a number of models with different levels of comfort. You also decide what kind of interior and the number of people you want to accommodate. We work with standard packets from where you can choose. You can arrange the tents for 2, 4, 5 of 6 people, besides that you choose what kind of furnishing you would like.

All of our packages are compiled on the basis of years of rental expertise, reviews and desires from guests and campground owners.

Duolodge – Basic

Duo lodge
Inner tent 7,5 M2
Porch 6 M2
2 persons hiking tent

Staying for a short period of time, expansion or as an additional tent? You can go in any direction with the Duolodge.

The Duolodge is our smallest Safaritent and provides space for 2 people. This fun model is ideal for (family)visits who stay for a short period of time.

Do you already have one of our other Safaritents? If so, it is possible to place a Duolodge to increase the capacity.

By just a small addition on the standard inventory, for example a skottelbraai and basic cooking inventory you create an ideal hiking tent.

The Woody 25 – Basic is the most purchased Safaritent without sanitairy facilities.

This tent is a shiner on every campsite !

Woody 16 – Basic

Woody 16
Inner tent 16 M2
Porch 8,8 M2
The compact familytent

A cool and adventerous Safaritent that is extremely suitable with limited space.
One of our unique tents is the Woody 16. Whereas usually its bigger brother the Woody 25 is chosen because of its larger living space and small

price difference, the Woody 16 keeps it’s style and comfort. The Woody 16 is deliverable in the Basic design.

This 4 person tent has a inside size of 4 x 4 meter and a connected porch of 2,20 x 4 meter. The wished space for installation amounts to 6,5 x 8 meter.

Woody 25 – Basic

Woody 25 basic
4 / 5 / 6
Inner tent 25 M2
Porch 13,5 M2
A Spacious familytent

A spacious safaritent that is perfect for the relaxed holliday. Succes ensured with the Woody 25 – Basic.

The most chosen model in the Vodatent series is the Woody 25 – Basic. This is the ideal tent when a camping/holliday park can not establish drainage and/or water connections to the tent.

Because of the affordable price, the provided space and the high efficiency this tent makes a success formula at every campsite.

The Woody 25 – Basic has with a inner size of 5 x 5 meter and a porch of 2,70 x 5 enough space for a avarage family. The tent is provided with 2 sleeping cabins, a spacious livingspace and offers opportunity for up to 6 people.

Woody 35 – Basic

Woody 25 basic
4 / 5 / 6
Inner tent 35 M2
Porch 16 M2
A familytent XL
Wished for more space? Then the Woody 35- Basic is the ideal choice! This is the biggest Basic safaritent out of the design series.

Vodatent welcomes more than 25.000 guests every year . Although the Woody 25 -Basic is the most chosen tent, we get the question about more spacious tents for more comfort or bigger families a lot.

The Woody 35- Basic is 2 meter longer than his brother the Woody 25-Basic and has because of this 10m2 more space. The Basic design has canvas room dividers and a spacious living/dining room. Also, the tent is decorable as you wish, Do you choose for the Regular or Oak interior package?

The inner space of the Woody 35 – Basic amounts to 7 x 5 meter with a connected porch of 3,20 x 5 meter. In terms of placement, a site of 7.5 x 11 meters should be considered.

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